Raidy Boer and Fortune Global 500 Meet at 2013 Fortune Global Forum

      From June 6, 2013 to June 8, 2013, 2013 Fortune Global Forum attracting worldwide attention was held in Chengdu with important leaders from Sichuan Provincial People's Government and Chengdu Municipal People's Government, Fortune Global 500, representatives of renowned enterprises, influential experts and scholars, domestic and overseas well-know media and reporters attending to kick around the fortune and seek common development.


Round-table Forum


Attending the 2013 Fortune Global Forum, Chairman of Raidy Boer is the only invited entrepreneur of domestic menswear brand.
      This Fortune Global Forum will revolve around economic growth, scientific and technological innovation, new energy and China's new future which centers on Western China. As the only invited entrepreneur of domestic menswear brand, Liu Changming, Chairman of Raidy Boer, was also invited to attend this Fortune Global Forum, he said, "this Fortune Global Fortune is not only a symbol of honor no matter for Raidy Boer or himself, but a rare opportunity to chat with Fortune Global 500. I benefited a lot from this Fortune Forum, the concept of getting rich communicated in the Fortune will become an important inspiration and reference to our future internalization."

Picture: Liu Changming, Chairman of Raidy Boer, at the 2013 Fortune Global Forum


Shining at 2013 Fortune Global Forum, Fortune Fashion is Made by Raidy Boer
      It is reported that 1263 volunteers' uniform of this Fortune Global Forum are independently designed and produced by Raidy Boer, the local clothing enterprise headquartered in Chengdu. Raidy Boer also attended this finance event in a unique way, injecting vigor and fashion to the Fortune Global Forum.

Picture: Volunteers of Fortune Global Forum wearing the business uniform designed by Raidy Boer

      Activewear uniform and business uniform in white, orange, black, light blue and navy blue combines international fashion elements with traditional cultural elements, as well as Chengdu local elements.
      Traditional round collar and turndown collar, etc. are changed to mandarin collar of national costume on activeware T-shirt which adds to simpleness, neatness and uprightness, highlights a positive spirit in the volunteers of this Fortune Global Forum and the glamour of national costume. Panda is the wealth of China and the treasure of the world. The panda on the bosom of activeware uniform is embroidered, which represents that Chengdu is "the city of wealth and success".
     Business uniform reflects the decency and calmness, elegancy and nobleness of business volunteer services, Female slim-fit business dresses stress the integration of delicate tailoring and fashion elements in a simple and graceful style. Falbala at the waist is layered, showing the intellectuality and modesty of oriental women. Taking the western-style shirt as the model, slim and stereo cutting are specially incorporated in light blue male shirts which are succinct and natural in the design.

Picture: Volunteers of Fortune Global Forum in activewear uniform designed by Raidy Boer

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